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Haematology Diagnostics Course

Welcome to this online course, an opportunity to build on and refine your diagnostic skills in haematology. We will cover a range of common and not so common topics and reflect on some of the clinical facets associated with them.  

We hope you find the course beneficial in your daily practice and enjoy the content.

The live sessions have finished, however you can access the session cases, recordings, and presentation slides until 1st December 2021.

Please feel free to contact me on ajm@blood-academy.com if you have any queries.

  Dr Ali Mahdi (Consultant Haematologist and Course Tutor) 

This is a primarily case-based course. The majority of the cases are use interactive, digital slides allowing you navigate and examine blood and bone marrow samples. To get the most of the sessions, it is recommended you review these cases before watching the session recording. All the sessions have a common theme to focus your learning.


This exclusive morphology course provides you with video tutorials, e-learning modules and assessments. You will cover the morphology of all the major haematopoeitic cells found in reactive and malignant conditions. Whatever your level of experience, we suggest you work through this course alongside the live sessions.

The course can be found in the ‘‘Course Sessions’ tab above.

Although we will cover a large range of topics, it would be impossible for us review everything! We hope that it will spark your interest and further reading in diagnostic haematology.  

Some key reading material that you may find useful to accompany this course includes

  • WHO classification of tumours of haematopoietic and lymphoid tissues, Revised 4th Edition (2017)
  • Blood Cells: A Practical Guide. Bain, B. 5th Edition (2015)
  • Bone Marrow Pathology. Bain, B. et al. 5th Edition (2019)
  • Postgraduate Haematology. Hoffbrand, V. 7th Edition (2016)

This course has been awarded 12 CPD points by the Royal College of Pathologists. At the end of the course you will be emailed a certificate as evidence of participation.

By accessing this website and participating in this course, you agree to the conditions outlined in our ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ pages. We strongly recommend you review these pages. 

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